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Frit Unity Ceremony

  • $ 175.00

A Frit Unity Ceremony is an artistic way to create a unique and memorable keepsake for your wedding day!

The wedding couple combines colored glass pieces called Frit during the ceremony, symbolizing the unity of their marriage.

Before the big event, couples visit our studio to choose 2 to 4 colors of glass frit to be combined on their wedding day. They will also schedule a date to return to the studio with their wedding frit to create their one-year anniversary masterpiece! 

We can also accommodate out-of-state couples. See Frit Ceremony by Mail.

Includes: 10 oz. Frit, studio time, base glass, mold use, kiln time, and instruction. 


Accessory Glass at an additional charge, to be determined at time of making.


*Set may differ from images shown

If you aren't within driving distance of our studio, we can mail out your frit in time for the ceremony.

You will receive your 10 oz frit selections by mail in your choice of colors. If you wish, you may add a ceremony set.

In the "Special instructions for seller" box at checkout,  please let us know what colors you would like. We'll email you with an assortment of colors to choose from, or you can browse our frit on our website.

The finished piece will have the look of the bowl as shown in the photo, with your colors. You can select from the following:

  • 16" Bowl (as shown in the photos)
  • 16" Square Bowl
  • 13" x 20" Rectangular platter
  • 13" x 20" S-Curve Decorative Upright Table Piece

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions! Call us at 732-384-7504 or email us at

Feel free to modify this as you see fit!

(Name and Name)

Today is a very special day. Today you marry. It's the day when you begin your journey through life together.

The two containers of glass you are holding represent these separate lives. As you pour your unique colors of glass into this vessel, the separations that now exist will disappear. Your lives will become combined, intertwined, and joined together as one.

One day soon, you will fuse this glass together. Fused glass is strong, lasting and resilient. The beautiful piece of art you will create represents an everlasting symbol of your marriage and your love for each other.

Please pour your glass as your lives begin to come together.